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  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    Aerospace Engineering

  • The program of Aerospace Engineering started in 2008 to feed the fast growing aerospace industry of the nation with high quality professionals. As an engineering discipline at Peking University that has a long-standing and strong science background, it aims to provide the students with a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, which no discipline of this type in other universities can compete with, as well as a broad range of knowledge in aerospace and engineering and the most recent progress information in this industry. The mission of this program is to produce talents who will lead the way of theoretical development and technology revolution in the field of aerospace.

    Students in this program will enjoy:

    a) State recommended courses such as Theoretical Mechanics, Theory of Elasticity and Fluid Mechanics, taught by advanced level professors who have years of teaching experiences at the College of Engineering

    b) Invited lectures delivered by renowned scholars and experts from industry on the recent progress in aeronautics and astronautics, and an open forum for discussion

    c) Organized visits, tours, and internship in key research institutes and large-sized manufacturers for direct experience of involvement in science and production

    d) Globex design courses in which the students form groups to solve the practical problems raised by aerospace companies, for example, Boeing. The design group is typically supervised by a professor in the college and a technical manager from the company.