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  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    Engineering Structure Analysis

  • The major of Engineering Structure Analysis at Peking University was established in 1996 as the first of its type in the nation, in order to meet the demand on engineering talents in structure calculation and analysis and engineering software development.

    Originating from the finite element method and its software in the mid-1950s, Computational Mechanics is a discipline that uses a computer method for solving mechanical problems. The impact of computational science has been widely recognized in the scientific community: theory, experiments and calculations are three supporting elements of the modern science.

    The digital methods of product design and manufacturing in the national economy has led to greater depth and breadth for the application of computational mechanics software in all aspects of engineering. It has turned from an auxiliary tool into an irreplaceable part of product design and manufacturing, as it plays a vital role in shortening the design and manufacturing cycle, improving product quality and reducing production costs.

    Computational mechanics software is especially called for in the national defense area, such as manned space flight, fighter planes and smaller nuclear weapons. In order for a nation to self-develop high-tech in defense, carrying vehicles, power, energy, mechanics, electrical, electronic, and equipment etc., it must have all kinds of production capacity of major industrial equipment with independent intellectual property rights, as well as related software and talents in computational mechanics and other scientific fields. From this perspective, it can even be said that whoever holds the talents and software in computational mechanics will have more advantage in the global competition.