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  • [ Janurary 03, 2018]

    Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

  • Founded in 1952 by the famous scientist Zhou Peiyuan, the major of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics is the first of its type in mechanics in the new China's university education. The major is committed to educating students of the basic theory and basic mechanical skills, giving them a solid foundation in science and mathematics, and enabling them capabilities in science, research, and practice experience in engineering applications.

    This major aims at cultivating top talents that are capable of solving problems using theoretical research, experimental analysis and numerical simulation methods. Graduates may choose to continue their studies in mechanics and related interdisciplinary fields, or undertake teaching and research work, or carry out application research, technology development, or management work in engineering-related fields.

    Due to their solid foundation in mathematics, physics, mechanics and sciences, the majority of graduates choose to pursue a graduate degree, many of whom were accepted by world-class universities for a doctorate. As mechanics is the foundation of engineering and applied science, graduates in this major who choose to work also have great adaptability and potential in the modern society and have made outstanding achievements in many fields such as mechanics, physics, mathematics, aerospace, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, automation and industrial management.