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Yitong Lightweight Multi-functional Structures Technology and Equipment Security Institute

The Yitong Lightweight Multi-functional Structures Technology and Equipment Security Institute is an open and cross-disciplinary research and development center in the area of composite materials and structure.

An important part of Peking University’s scientific and technological innovative system, the institute is a foundation for pursuing fundamental studies in advanced composite materials, as well as for technological development and talents education.

Ready to face the world’s scientific frontier and meet the demands of this nation, the institute is oriented in drawing fundamental and critical research subjects on composite materials and structure from areas of aerospace, aeronautics and navigation construction, and national field research by the ways of system integration and technological creativity. It will construct common fundamental research and applied technological platforms to bring about technological breakthroughs in advanced composite materials and leap-forward development.

The laboratory has three advanced systematic research platforms: lightweight material and structural fabrication technological, lightweight material and structural characterization, lightweight material and structural multi-functional design and its project application platform, which provides favorable conditions for conducting high-level researches.

Through the initial construction and support from various national research plans (National Key Basic Research Program (973), National High Technology Research and Development Program (863), key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China), a series of important achievements have been made in fundamental theoretical researches such as optimal design of lattice composites, preparation and mechanics, and physical property analysis and characterization.

Research Interests

  • Fabrication technology of lightweight material and structures
  • Characterization of lightweight materials and structures
  • Multi-functional design and engineering applications of lightweight material and structures
  • Lightweight, damage resistance, and heat insulation multi-functional composite structures
  • Industrial equipment and weaponry (oil and gas pipelines, transportation equipment, chemical engineering, large scale civil structure), non-destructive monitoring, and diagnostic predictive maintenance security management system
  • Sensor systems based on biological detection and food safety monitoring technology and equipment
  • Terahertz and microwave technologies and applications in the microelectronics and information industry
  • Ultra-high temperature composite ceramic materials, ultra-high temperature heat-resistant metal alloy, and bearing / stealth / heat shielding / wave transparent / heat insulation lightweight multi-functional materials and structures
  • Near space aerostat materials and structures


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Daining Fang

Ph.D., Professor

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