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Xiaojie Duan
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Peking University
Beijing 100871
People's Republic of China
  • Office Add: Rm. 206, Founder Building
  • Office Tel: +86-10-62767113
  • Email:
Educational Background
  • Postdoctoral Associate, Harvard University, 2007-2013
  • Ph.D., Peking University, 2007
  • B.S., Lanzhou University, 2002

Areas of Research
Bio-nanomaterials, bio-nano interface, cellular neurophysiology, large scale neural activity mapping, three-dimensional electrical interfacing with synthetic tissues, neural tissue engineering and regeneration

Selected Awards
  • 2012, “1000 Young Talent Program” award, CPC Central Organization Department of China.
  • 2009, “Top 100 doctoral dissertation” award, Ministry of Education, China.

Selected Research Publications
  1. Xiaojie Duan, Ruixuan Gao, Ping Xie, Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Quan Qing, HwanSung Choe, Bozhi Tian, Xiaocheng Jiang, Charles M. Lieber*, “Intracellular recordings of action potentials by an extracellular nanoscale field-effect transistor”, Nature Nanotech., 7, 174-179 (2012). Highlight reports: Nature Nanotech, 7, 143 (2012), Nature Biotechnol., 30, 333 (2012), Nature Methods, 9, 321 (2012), MRS BULLETIN, 37, 184 (2012), Nano Today, 7, 1 (2012).
  2. Bozhi Tian, Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Quan Qing, Xiaojie Duan, Ping Xie, Charles M. Lieber*, "Three-dimensional, flexible nanoscale field-effect transistors as localized bioprobes", Science, 329, 831-834 (2010).
  3. Xiaojie Duan, Hyungbin Son, Bo Gao, Jin Zhang*, Tianjiao Wu, Georgy G. Samsonidze, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Zhongfan Liu*, Jing Kong*, “Resonant Raman Spectroscopy of Individual Strained Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes”, Nano Lett., 7, 2116-2121 (2007).
  4. Xiaojie Duan, Chun Tang, Jin Zhang*, Wanlin Guo*, Zhongfan Liu*, “Two Distinct Buckling Modes in Carbon Nanotubes Bending”, Nano Lett., 7,143-148 (2007).
  5. Xiaojie Duan, Jin Zhang*, Xing Ling, Zhongfan Liu*, “Nano-Welding by Scanning Probe Microscope”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 8268-8269 (2005).

  1. Charles M. Lieber, Xiaojie Duan, Ruixuan Gao, Ping Xie, Xiaocheng Jiang,Nanoscale wires, nanoscale wire FET devices, and nanotube electronic hybrid devices for sensing and other applications”, International Application No. PCT/US2012/041253 (2012)
  2. Charles M. Lieber, Ruixuan Gao, Xiaojie Duan, Stefen Strehle, Bozhi Tian, Tzahi Cohen-Carni, Ping Xie, Quan Qing, “Nanoscale Sensors for Intracellular and Other Applications”, U.S. Provisional Application, No. H0498.70439US00 (2012)
  3. Bozhi Tian, Ping Xie, Thomas J. Kempa, Charles M. Lieber, Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Qing Qing, Xiaojie Duan, “Bent Nanowires and Related Probing of Species”, U.S. Pat. Apl. Serial No.: 13/497,852, (2012)
  4. Jin Zhang, Xiaojie Duan?Zhongfan Liu, Xing Ling, “A method for nanowelding carbon nanotubes”, China, Serial No.: ZL 2006 1 0113246.5