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National Center for Wetland Protection and Restoration Technology

One of the three major global ecosystems, wetlands are usually referred to as the "kidney of the earth," meaning it has ultimate importance for human life. Unfortunately, the extremely serious degradation and deterioration of wetlands are now endangering sustainable development in China. Therefore, systematic research and technology development are urgently necessary for wetland protection and restoration, changing policies and regulations, and future planning and management in China. Since wetlands are a mixture of soil, plants, microbes, water and chemicals, as well as physical, chemical and bio-chemical processes, wetland protection and resource application requires a multidisciplinary platform that includes physics, chemistry, ecology, biogeochemistry, hydraulics, environmental science and engineering, economics, and legislation.

As one of the most comprehensive universities in China, Peking University has set up a National Center for Wetland Protection and Restoration Technology under the authorization of the State Forestry Administration.

This center is an interdisciplinary platform for scientists, engineers, and policy-makers from Peking University, various business enterprises, the government, and other related institutions. The center focuses on the study and development of technologies for wetland protection, restoration and sustainable utilization, as well as for planning, assessment, policy-making and future legislation.


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