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Institute for Food & Bioresource Engineering

The Institute for Food & Bioresource Engineering (IFBE) was established in January 2011 by the PKU College of Engineering. The main scope of research activities of the IFBE is to exploit plant and microbial resources for food and energy with an emphasis on microalgae because it is a rich but largely untapped resource. The target products will include biofuels (mainly biodiesel) and functional foods (mainly functional ingredients). There are laboratories located on the Peking University main campus and a pilot plant located on the Chang Ping campus.


  • Establish and develop the IFBE as an internationally recognized center conducting innovative and high impact cutting edge research in food and bioresource engineering
  • Advise the Chinese government in formulating national policies and strategies in food and bioresource development and utilization
  • Collaborate with industry members in terms of research and development in food and bioresources
  • Carry out research on plant and microbial resources with an emphasis on microalgae


Room 301, Fangzheng Building
298 Chengfu Road, Haidian, Beijing 100871, China


Steven Feng Chen

Ph.D., Chair Professor, Peking University College of Engineering

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Steven Feng Chen

Tel: +86-10-82529003