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Innovation Education and Research Institute (PIER)

The Peking University Innovation Education and Research Institute (PIER) is an academic institution designed to generate knowledge on innovation theory and practice to better educate future innovative leaders.

PIER is a new exploration of Chinese innovative education and research, a groundbreaking project that has attracted scholars worldwide.

Research Orientation

PIER conducts interdisciplinary and professional education and global innovative research. By fostering cohesion between theory and practice, PIER aims to enhance the innovative capability of Chinese industries and universities.

Ultimately, PIER hopes to change global perception of China from a “factory of the world” to a “global think tank.” Research experience and education gained from PIER will help the government and various companies improve their innovation, global leadership ability, and creative design capabilities. Training a number of high-level, cross-discipline, and pioneering individuals will only help enhance the competitiveness of China’s products and services within the international market.

Headquartered in Beijing with branch offices in the United States and Europe, PIER offers undergraduate degree, Master of Global Innovation Engineering (MGIVE), and Executive Education Programs.

By encouraging independent learning and research, PIER tries to nurture the next generation and Chinese enterprises to innovate and promote China actively. This school of thought is aimed at making Peking University the launching pad for China’s independent innovation capability and a major pillar in building an independent revolutionizing country.

Presently, PIER is in close cooperation with the College of Engineering, extensively carrying out research for China’s independent innovation theory, designing and implementing world-class training and education, and relying on Peking University’s multi-disciplinary strengths to carry out its goals. PIER is the starting point for cultivating creative individuals who will contribute to the establishment of a truly pioneering nation.


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