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Faculty Positions
  • [June 14, 2011]

    Department of Energy and Resources Engineering (job vacancies 2-3)

  • The Department of Energy and Resources Engineering is seeking qualified applicants for faculty positions in the following areas:

    • Clean energy science and engineering;
    • Resources recycling science and engineering;
    • Water resources science and engineering.

    Applicants are expected to meet the following minimum qualifications: 

    1.   Ph.D. degree in science or mechanical engineering; 

    2.   Strong academic background; 

    Qualified applicants please send:

    1. Your curriculum vitae containing all comprehensive information, such as education experiences, current and past work, awards, your experience and/or participation in professional international or domestic organizations and meetings, related magazines and books which you have edited, an introduction of your research funds in the past 10 years, a list of the master's, doctoral and postdoctoral students whom you have guided, and another list of published and unpublished articles within the past 10 years, etc.; 

    2.  Detailed teaching programs and research programs; 

    3.  Three recommendation letters; 

    4.  Three selected full-text publications and other supporting documents