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Yijie Peng
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Office Add: Room 512, Founder Building, 298 Chengfu Rd, Beijing, China, 100871
  • Office Tel: +86-10-82524919
  • Email:


2010.09-2014.07    Ph.D. School of Management, Major: Operations Research, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2008.09-2010.07    M.S. School of Mathematics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2003.09-2007.07    B.S. School of Mathematics, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China


Research Areas

  • Simulation modeling and analysis;
  • Simulation optimization and its applications;
  •  Industrial Big-Data analytics;
  • Optimization for concurrent engineering;
  •  Financial engineering and risk management.

Research Profile

My research interest mainly lies on how to efficiently combine two most successful paradigms in Operations Research: simulation and optimization. One of my research area is ranking and selection (R&S) which is to intelligently allocate simulation resource among different competing alternatives to efficiently select the best alternative. R&S has been successfully applied to manufacturing, logistics management, and health care. Recently, I have proposed a stochastic control framework for R&S, and published several papers in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and INFORMS Journal on Computing.

Another area of my research is sensitivity analysis which aims to estimate the derivative of the expectation of the sample performance for complex stochastic models. Sensitivity analysis has been widely used in gradient-based optimization, financial engineering, and risk management. Recently, I have proposed a generalized likelihood ratio (GLR) method that can systematically handle a large scope of discontinuous sample performance, and published several papers in Operations Research, Journal of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, and Quantitative Finance.

Selected Recent Publications

1.    Yijie Peng, Michael C. Fu, Jian-Qiang Hu and Bernd Heidergott, ``A New Unbiased Stochastic Derivative Estimator for Discontinuous Sample Performances with Structural Parameters”, Operations Research, accepted.
2.    Yijie Peng and Michael C. Fu, ``Myopic Allocation Policy with Asymptotically Optimal Sampling Rate”, IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control, 62(4), 2041-2047, 2017.
3.    Yijie Peng, Michael C. Fu and Jian-Qiang Hu, ``Gradient?Based Simulated Maximum Likelihood Estimation on Stochastic Volatility Models Using Characteristic Functions”, Quantitative Finance, 16 (9), 1393-1411, 2016.
4.    Yijie Peng, Chun?Hung Chen, Michael C. Fu and J.Q. Hu, ``Dynamic Sampling Allocation and Design Selection’’, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 28 (2), 195-208, 2016.
5.    Yijie Peng, Chun?Hung Chen, Michael C. Fu and J.Q. Hu, ``Efficient Simulation Resource Sharing and Allocation for Selecting the Best’’, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 58 (4), 1017 – 1023, 2013.


Professional Activities

  • INFORMS member
  • Reviewers for Operations Research, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, Journal of Simulation, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Proceedings of Winter Simulation Conference, Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology
  • Technical Committee Member, 2017 International Conference on Material Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technology; International Committee Member, 2016 International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics and Computer Engineering.