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Engineering Center for In-Vivo Diagnosis and Therapy

The Engineering Center for In-Vivo Diagnosis and Therapy, approved by the Ministry of Education on October 12, 2007, seeks to provide early diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases (e.g. malignant tumors) using advanced technologies.

Advancement of these studies relies on cooperation with other institutions. In collaboration with Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province, the Precision Medical Device R&D Center has been established with a branch at Peking University and another in Wuxi City. With two sites simultaneously conducting biomedical research, the center is expected to make significant progress in the collaboration and commercialization of medical devices.

Main Research Areas

Optical spectrum diagnostics, molecular imaging, endomicroscopy and in-vivo cell observation, medical robotics, etc.

Research Objectives

• Organize a team of experts with backgrounds in optics, machinery, electronics, biology, materials science, and medicine.

• Establish an effective mechanism for transferring research works to products, and develop world class medical devices.


Tianyu Xie

Ph.D., Professor

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