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Mechanics(Energy and Resources Engineering)

• Master/Ph.D. of Engineering in Energy and Resources Engineering—Development and Utilization of Clean Energy
This program involves the frontier research of advanced new energy technology. The main contents include:
Renewable Energy (Biomass Energy, Solar Energy and Wind Energy)
Unconventional Energy (Coalbed Methane, Terrestrial Heat, Oil Sand and Oil Shale, etc.)
Carbon Capture and Storage

• Master/Ph.D. of Engineering in Energy and Resources Engineering—Efficient and Clean Utilization of Resources
This program’s goal is to develop efficient utilization of recycling resources and reduce energy consumption. The main contents include:
Efficient and Clean Utilization of Coal and Its By-Products
Efficient Utilization of Unconventional Mineral Resources
Critical Technology of Saving Energy during Producing Process

• Master/Ph.D. of Engineering in Energy and Resources Engineering—Water Resources and Environment
This program focuses on the management of water resources and water environment. The main contents include:
Simulation of Hydrology
Simulation and Management of watershed environment
Wastewater Resources Regeneration
Wetland Conservation and Restoration