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Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering

Water Resources
This program fosters a broad intellectual foundation in water resources related research, preparing students to work in a range of fields including hydrology and water resources, development and protection of groundwater and pollution control of water resources. Students learn fundamental theory and technology of hydrology and groundwater resources, and focus on management of water resources, pollution control and critical policy and technology.

• Clean Energy Science and Engineering 
This program is designed for students to learn essential concepts and skills related to oil and gas recovery, effective combustion and pollution control and combustion flue gas cleaning technology, new energy including terrestrial heat, solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy. Students learn fundamental theory and technology of Clean Energy Science and Engineering.

• Efficient Utilization of Resources Recycling
This program fosters a strong grounding in scientific skills about mineralogy, physics, chemistry and environment. Students will learn essential engineering concepts and processes of resources utilization. The goal is to achieve efficient use of recycling resources and reduce energy consumption. Some key issues are about efficient use of complex paragenetic minerals and solid waste utilization.