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Center for Water Research

The Peking University Center for Water Research was founded in July 2006 to accelerate the development of water research programs at Peking University. It is aimed at advancing and coordinating water related research at Peking University while promoting and facilitating substantive collaboration with leading international water research centers.


  • Conduct integrated studies of all major components of the hydrologic cycle, including groundwater, surface water, and atmospheric water, across multiple spatial and temporal scales.
  • Organize interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research teams to tackle frontier problems in water research.

  • Take full advantage of modern instruments, computing technology, and cyber-infrastructure to address some of the most challenging scientific and engineering questions in hydrology.

  • Emphasize research projects that are of major importance to the nation’s economic development and the sustainable use and management of China’s water resources.

  • Attract the best overseas Chinese hydrologists to join the center and contribute to its development as world-class center for water research.

Research Focuses and Strengths

  • Numerical and experimental study of contaminant fate and transport in porous and fractured media.

  • Effects of physical, chemical, and biological heterogeneities in the subsurface on contaminant transport and remediation.

  • Experimental study of contaminants and colloid transport in porous media.

  • Integrated modeling of water resources and water quality at watershed scales.

  • Uncertainty analysis and dynamic decision support system for sustainable water management.

  • Sustainable water management at basin scales.

  • Coupled modeling of hydrologic-ecologic-economic systems.

  • Stochastic hydrology and its application to field problems.

  • Numerical modeling and field monitoring of land subsidence.

  • Restoration of contaminated groundwater and aquatic systems.

  • Legal framework and policy making in water resource protection and restoration.

Chunmiao Zheng

Ph.D., Professor

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