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Center for Systems and Control

Peking University Research Center for Systems and Control is a research unit directly under Peking University. The mission of the center is to do world-leading research in the field of systems and control and provide society with sustainable talents. It emphases on doing researches with scientific, interdisciplinary, prospective.

At present, it has intelligent control laboratory, robot control laboratory, dynamics and control laboratory, control theory and controlled mechanical system laboratory, etc. It has extensive academic exchanges and cooperation with the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, Australia and other countries and research institutions.

The fields of study include networked control system, group behavior and swarm intelligence, the complex network system, bionic robot, robot cooperation, mixed system control, control system computer aided design, stability theory and robust control, nonlinear control, complex system dynamics and intelligent control, controlled mechanical system analysis and control, etc.

The center recruits ten to twenty Ph.D. candidates and fifteen to thirty Masters every year. They come from variety of colleges(Tsinghua, USTC, Fudan, Beijing Institute of Technology, NUDT, XJTU, etc.) and majors(automatic control, computer, electronic communication, mathematics, mechanics, physics, etc.). It encourages interdisciplinary research and welcomes students with different backgrounds. In recent years, most graduates of our center have already found ideal jobs and become the pioneers and leaderships in colleges, academic institutes and any other fields of high technology.


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