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Center for Innovation

One of the most important strategic tasks for the College of Engineering is to strengthen cooperation among enterprises, universities, and research institutions. Collaboration and combined insight with other institutions will transform the scientific and educational advantages at Peking University into real productivity that will serve this nation.

The Center for Innovation was established to conduct product and industrial innovation. It is playing an important role in accelerating and promoting the integration of knowledge and technology to develop various innovative products and industrial practices.

The center is committed to applying new knowledge and engineering sciences, fostering new industries, and cultivating industry leaders. It has also expressed a commitment to promoting social development and building a world-class engineering college.

This research and development institution is sponsored by the College of Engineering, the local government, and various enterprises.


  • Build an industrial innovative team to carry out the College of Engineering’s strategy; exert the great influence of Peking University and create initiative mechanisms; form a gathering place for high-tech scholars from across the globe
  • Make full use of Peking University’s industry-academy-research resources; exert the strength of Peking University’s science, medical and engineering programs; promote original scientific and technological works created by the College of Engineering into industrial achievements
  • Conduct innovative technological and product work according to development initiatives from the College of Engineering and the economic needs of local governments and enterprises
  • Exert the combined strength of Peking University’s schools of arts, science, medicine, and engineering; explore the sci-tech and industrial policies of China by objective law; provide strategic advice for this nation’s long-term competitiveness and economic social development

Duoxiang Wang

Assistant Dean, College of Engineering


Duoxiang Wang

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