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Center for Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Founded in 2010, the Center for Biotechnology and Food Engineered is geared to study the application of biological resources and food security management to public policy changes.

The application of biological resources is of great significance for food safety, agriculture security and sustainable environments. Due to the weaknesses and constraints of basic research on biological resource application and management, China stands at a low level in terms of research and development of food processing technologies. Recently, food security problems caused panic in China.

Relying on the strong basic scientific research at Peking University, the center integrates research between the College of Engineering, College of Life Science, College of Chemistry; entrepreneurs, and various global institutions.

Main Research Areas

  • Fundamental Research

The center focuses on novel technologies for biological resources development and food processing, using approaches based in genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, and chemical engineering.

  • Biological Agents and Food Resource

The center studies the systematic collection and development of microbial resources, and their function analysis at the level of genes, cells and active components.

  • Food Security and Safety Assurance System

Through the systematic study of food composition and key processing factors, the center hopes to establish scientific standards for food safety and safety assurance systems.

  • Additive Research and Development

The center has extracted natural products, conducted chemical synthesis and biological modification, and adopted fermentation techniques of new food additives and production technologies in order to ensure product quality and provide protection for industrial production.

  • Food Design

The center is designing the best food production process according to characteristics of different food ingredients and consumer groups.


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Xiaolei Wu

Ph.D., Professor

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